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Maintenance And Installation

Aqualife Aquarium Systems technicians are available Sunday through Saturday with a 24 hour "on call" option to accommodate any of your questions or aquarium needs.
Our aquarium maintenance department ensures the highest quality of water for service on all freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums by utilizing carbon filtration and ultra violet sterilization. To determine your aquarium needs, we inspect of all chemical and mechanical filtration, provide on-site water quality testing and observe overall fish health and behavior.
Aqualife offers all aspects service of your equipment such as replacement filters, heaters, pumps and decorations. Also we offer a wide selection of fish foods either dry or frozen, catered toward every fish or critter you have.
Aqualife Aquarium Systems offers all aspects of installation. Virtually every aquarium and stand are offered in contemporary light or black oak, rich dark walnut and the timeless elegance of a beautiful cherry finish. 
Your installation can begin with the traditional 10, 20, 30 gallon rectangle, to the increasingly popular bowfront  aquarium starting at 46 gallons with tank mount filtration by Marineland, heater and low spectrum lighting. And you can eventually graduate to customized room dividing aquariums of 150 gallons or more with custom designed cabinetry to conceal wet dry filtration, fluidized bed filters, refugiums and ultra-violet sterilizers.
Aqualife Aquarium Systems can also offer magnificent 500 to 700 gallon exhibit style aquariums that when entering a room will captivate your heart, mind and command attention for years to come.
After installation, each aquarium can be uniquely decorated and personalized according to preferences for corals, types and styling desires right down to the gravel or sand. Complimenting your aquariums fish and decorations is your choice of traditional, efficient fluorescent lighting, or the most advanced metal halide and power compact systems.
All aquarium enthusiasts are assured a professional high quality, as well as personalized installation from one of Oklahoma’s most trusted and established leaders, Aqualife Aquarium Systems!

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